K.E.S Electrical – some words of warning for those planning on putting up outdoor lights – ensure you have a proper waterproof external electric point for all your lights and nodding reindeer, says Paul Key. Not an extension from indoors wrapped in a plastic bag!

Towergate Insurance – Paul Doggett referred to a Data UK survey of 11,000 properties in which it was discovered that 79 per cent were under valuing their rebuild revaluations resulting across the board in a massive total shortfall of £325 billion for commercial property. Call Paul if you need to update your commercial property insurance.

 Purser and Luxford – don’t forget that air conditioning in cars is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Switch on your air conditioning to help remove moisture from the car windows and clear your windscreen. If you need a free of charge visual health check to keep you safe this winter – call into the garage.

 Simon Clark Social Media Expert – Simon advised that doing a Facebook live session was a great way of engaging with your customers and a perfect way to put your brand in front of people. Simon is running his own Facebook Live Session at 1pm Friday, November 27.

 Collette Parker 20 20 Communications – Collette is an accomplished public speaker and company spokesperson. She is running four one-hour workshops using Shakespeare soliloquies led by actress Ruby Campbell (Royal Court Theatre, Sam Mendes) to help people with their public speaking and presentations.

Jo Crouchman Voxxlife – enhancing our body’s ability to function better – is organising a Zoom session on using the technology to help walkers, 8pm, on Wednesday, December 2.

Liz Greenhalgh Photography – Liz has been rated as one of the top three photographers working in Huntingdonshire. Her studio opens again next week for personal photography and she will be busy snapping lots of babies!

GM Property Solutions – reported making their second purchase in just last three days – the company is looking for anyone who would like to invest in property with a 10 per cent return on investments.

 Thomas Morris Sales and Lettings – Member Paul Blake reported that 99 per cent of sales agreed in September achieved their asking price or more.

M & D Flooring – reported full order book up to Christmas with orders now being taken for January and the New Year.

Omnidogs/The Complete Mortgage Company – both reported great feedback on their social media posts and Facebook live video sessions.  (Also did you know that you can now claim on your insurance for rehabilitation work and hydrotherapy swims with your dogs?)

121 Business Ltd – Mike reminded us that according to Einstein a definition of insanity was doing the same thing today as you did yesterday and expecting better results – 90 per cent of businesses don’t realise their true potential!

Presentation Christine Seymour KTS Computers

Christine described the company’s Toolkit for keeping customers safe and happy.

  1. Experienced staff with backgrounds working in cyber security background with police and banking sectors; electronic engineering, science and computer science; customer care and marketing.
  2. Location – town centre location in St Ives with a drive and parking so that customers can drop off or pick up equipment effortlessly; and a fully equipped workshop.
  3. Systems – for booking in equipment and ticketing giving customers updates, keeping jobs on track and organised.
  4. Specialist set of tools – managed service packages for maintenance, hardware monitoring so that issues can be picked up before they become a problem; out of hours updating; anti-virus security monitoring.
  5. Online services – multi-layered back up and security as hackers are becoming even more devious; remote access software for those working from home so they can still access data on servers securely and share data.

“The world of computers is a constantly moving field. It keeps life interesting and keeps us on our toes. We keep up to date with the latest technology because this makes life simpler and safe for our customers,” Christine Seymour, KTS Computers.

Compiled by Collette Parker 20 20 Communications.