Code of Practice / Club Rules

Riverport Rules, expectations and membership guidance

1          Terms of membership

1.1          The standard term of membership is one year from the date the application form and payment is received until 364 days thereafter.

1.2          You will be invited to renew before your membership expires. You will be expected to make payment in respect of the renewal invoice within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

1.3          If you have not settled your renewal within 1 calendar month of the renewal date your category will become available.

2          Categories

2.1          Each member will enjoy an exclusive category determined by their MAIN LINE OF BUSINESS.

2.2          Where a member has a main line of business and also other secondary lines of business (especially if these are sub-contracted) which could be a main line of business for another company, then they may promote this while the category remains unfilled. EXAMPLE: If your main line of business is Mortgage and protection broker but you are able to provide a will writing service through a third party, then you may promote will writing within the group until a solicitor or will writer joins and you will not be able to block a will writer or solicitor from joining the group.

2.3          Your category will be that which you declared on your application form.

  1. Visiting other RBC clubs

3.1          Whilst a member at one RBC club you may join meetings at another RBC club and promote your own business unless your category is already filled at the other club.

3.2          The category at the 2nd club will remain vacant until you or another business fills it and you may not block another business in your category from joining.

3.3          You may join two clubs at once providing attendance at both clubs does not drop below 75%.

3.3          No more than 5 members in each RBC club can be members at other RBC clubs.

4          Complaints about members

4.1          The club relies on being able to recommend members to do a good job. If you receive a complaint about a member following you giving them a lead then please make the club chair aware. The club will write to the member to explain that this reflects badly on the club and ask for a response.

4.2          If more than three upheld complaints are received about a single member during a 12 month period then the member concerned will be asked to leave the club and their category will be re-advertised. No refunds will be given.

5              Courtesy and following up leads

5.1          Members who receive a lead are expected to respond to that lead in a timely manner.

5.2          Please contact the person named on the lead as soon as you can. Remember that your response to the lead not only reflects on you but the person making the referral and the club too.

6              Attendance

6.1          A minimum of 75% attendance is expected from all members.

6.2          If you are unable to make it, please email your apologies to the club steward at least 24 hours in advance.

6.3          If possible please send a stand in, this can be anyone you would like to represent your business. A colleague, client, family member.

6.4          As long as your business is represented then it will be counted as attendance.

7              Guests

7.1          All members are expected to regularly invite a guest.

7.2          Members are encouraged to bring one guest (eligible to join) at least every two months.

8              Leads

8.1          Members are expected to bring at least one lead per week. This is an expectation and not a rule. No action will be taken if members do not bring a lead every week.

8.2          While leads between members are great, members are encouraged to bring leads from their wider circle of contacts/clients/suppliers (outside leads).

9              Effort

9.1          This club thrives on the efforts of it’s members and the more you put in the more you will get out. Members are encouraged to participate and enjoy membership.

Why join our club?

  • High Quality Leads
  • Peer Support
  • Exclusive Business Category
  • Personal Development
  • Relaxed & Supportive Environment
  • Local Businesses Supporting Local Community