David Hills used his 15 minutes to tell us more about how he came to be a handyman.

David comes from Australia, and has never met Kylie or Dame Edna but has thrown plenty of shrimps on the barbie. He also has never wrestled a crocodile, disappointing!

He has a varied and interesting career history which started in carpentry, went through software development, workforce training and most recently before leaving Oz for the sun filled shores the UK of he ran his own busy electrical contractors firm.

His wife’s career brought them to the UK a couple of years ago and David decided to use his diverse skill set to start a handyman business. DLH Handyman Services.

He is a self-declared destroyer of to-do lists! I imaging somewhere in your house is a list of jobs, is it on your fridge door or the cork board in the study? Give it to David and he’ll sort it out for you. Whether it’s painting the garage door, erecting a book case, building a stud wall, refitting the bath panel in the en-suite or swapping the light fitting in your living room, David can do it.

David also works for business too, so if you have a house, shop, factory or rental property it’s well worth making a note of David’s number. It’s 07538 180028