Riverport Business Club – Group Update 04/02/2021  –  By Simon Clark

Mike Yates of 121 Business kicked off the meeting with his “Thought for the day”
How well do you know your clients? Think of the ‘how’ first and not necessarily what, who or why.

Each member has one minute to talk about their business, what’s going on for them at the moment and the type of lead that is perfect for them.

Quick fire…. GO!

Gennaro from Polar The Web People told us a brief story about the perils of using a personal email account for your business yet he can offer a service from just £1.50 per week!

Phil Beard from Thomas Quinn Chartered Accountants said that he is always open to helping business through the start-up process and that there has been a last-minute relief in returning yourself assessments until the end of February.

Glenn from GM Property Solutions asked for anyone interested in investing in a new upcoming project where you could see a return of up to 10%.

Stephen from Riverport Residential Cleaning said that they are open for business and asked if anyone knew any landlords who are looking for an end of tenancy clean.

Jo Crouchman from Voxlife said that getting the ‘tech’ on your feet can help women with issues they may be facing in their life. It works!

Liz Greenhalgh Photography is available for shoots with people and products.

Anne represented Riverport Specialist Cleaning is looking for anyone who is in the process of getting their carpets cleaned, through their insurance company, after the recent local flooding.

John from Heritage Wills was asking for anyone who maybe over the age of 50, with adult children because ‘peace of mind matters’

Roy Lodge can help you to make some excellent savings on your utility bills from a multi award winning company. He is proud to be helping people to save money EVERYDAY!

Paul from Fentons Insurance Solutions specialises in commercial insurance and said that many businesses have diversified in the last 12 months, but this may not be reflected in the insurance policy that they have. It’s time to update this!

Howard from HK Designs said that there are more and more people thinking of starting their own business and, along with himself, there are many people in the group who can help!

Alistair from Ed’s Garden Services said that he is obviously not out and about mowing lawns at the moment, but he is available for other services. Ali mentioned that the Ivy growing on your house wants to be a TREE!

Paul from KES Electrical Services said that it’s that time of the year when people start to think about working on their gardens and may need additional lighting.

William from The Complete Mortgage Company said that whilst he is based in St Ives, he is currently helping some buy a property in Edinburgh and another who is remortgaging in Brighton.

Rob from Impressions supplies all types of print from business cards to large format printing with banners. The Village Scene is printed and being distributed to the local villages.

Sarah from Omnidogs has asked if anyone has a dog or puppy and would like some training but also that they are offering a hydrotherapy service too!

Matt from M & D Flooring said that they were busy and working safely with clients. Someone recently reached out to get a quote by sending in some measurements and photos.

Kev from KA Page Contractors now has a micro digger and micro dumper available to hire.

Paul from Thomas Morris Sales and Lettings in St Ives is looking for anyone who is on the market at the moment but not yet sold. He said that more and more people are looking to move upmarket at the moment!

Luke from Purser and Luxford said that there is no extension to the MOT due date unlike the first lockdown so best to keep an eye and get your car booked in!

Mike from 121 Business asked; what’s happens when business owners don’t turn up for work?

Simon Clark said that he is a one stop shop for all your social media needs and that he is putting on an event this Saturday and if anyone is interested in FREE access, they are welcome to get in touch.

Weekly Presentation – Thomas Quinn Chartered Accountants

Today’s speaker was Phil Beard from Thomas Quinn Chartered Accountants. An excellent presentation giving our members an overview of the company from when they first opened their doors in St Ives.

The best bit of advice he could give any business owner was to ‘manage your affairs, put systems in place and that tax is easy to forget about so be prepared.

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