A round up of news from our members

Alex Buckle Travel Counsellors – people are booking holidays for 2021. Many are in need of some horizon therapy and now is the time to book for next year to take advantage of some great prices before Christmas.

Thomas Quinn Accountants – The company has taken on three new members of staff this month which is great news in the current pandemic.

Riverport Specialist Cleaning – is still open for tenancy and specialist cleaning – three tenancy cleans have been carried out this week – with three coming up next week.

K.E.S Electrical Services – Paul Key advised that if you are letting a property, by April you must have an electrical testing certificate in place. These will last for five years.

Purser & Luxford – A warning – your tyres may look great from the outside, but you may not realise they are actually bald. The firm had a car come in for MOT and the owner did not realise that all four tyres were bald because they looked fine from the outside.

Liz Greenhalgh Photography – this week Liz’s McDonalds wedding shoot made the front cover of the Norfolk and Suffolk Brides Magazine. Also look out for a story on Liz in the Hunts Post about how she has made Regional Finalist in the Bride Awards for the last four years! Liz is also teaming up with fellow member Sarah Bunce to take photographs of our doggy friends and puppies in the Omnidogs field near Hemingford Abbots.

Polar the Web People – Gennaro Coppolaro stressed that company websites are now more important than ever and they are one of the most important assets for any company – they will reflect your business at this current time for marketing, customers, suppliers and prospective staff.

Monument Joinery – the company specialises in renovating windows and doors in period properties. One of their regular customers is the Cambridge Colleges. This week however, it’s not windows and doors, but refurbishing benches in their beautiful grounds.


Simon Clark
social – digital – creative

One of our newest members, Simon Clark, helps businesses grow through the power of social media, increasing their revenue, driving traffic to their websites and most importantly awareness of their brand. Simon is a consultant on all forms of social media.

Simon said: “The more you can put social media in front of your target audience the better.”

Here are his top tips.

  1. Facebook is a great social media platform because it has the most functionality – with lots of options on how your posts are delivered. It is the perfect way of making your business stand out.
  2. If you are selling to a demographic under 25 then Instagram is the best platform for you.
  3. Social media posts – push yourself and you will start to see results.
  4. Boosting posts on Facebook is quick and easy, but a Facebook Ad will get you more results and has more functionality for creative input and articles. You can tell if the Facebook Ad is working because you will start to see a return, then you can do more. Be aware when boosting and advertising there is a cut-off point on reach as there are only so many your post can reach.
  5. Be yourself, be personable, be consistent and keep posting – there is nothing worse than a ghost town Facebook.
  6. Probably the best time to post is in the evening when people are sitting down after dinner and the kids are in bed. Twitter is real time and instant but Facebook posts may take longer to get to your audience.
  7. What you are looking for are genuine followers, not just likes. ‘Reach’ will show that you have had more engagement through clicks on the post and sharing.
  8. Always be posting – don’t sit and wait until lockdown is over – you have to do more than your competitors. Put your brand in front of people.


Compiled by Collette Parker 20 20 Communications