Rules and Expectations

These are kept intentionally brief.

The club is made up of members from various local businesses. Members promote the club and other members’ businesses to their outside contacts with the intention of bringing business leads for each other to the weekly meetings.

Each member occupies a category that is exclusive to that member. Where members’ business categories overlap, the members concerned must agree on which services they each promote within the group.

The standard Club membership fee is £400 (no VAT) per year.

The monthly meeting fee is £22.50 which includes breakfast at the face-to-face monthly meeting. This is paid by direct debit.

Meetings are weekly on a Thursday, the first meeting of each month is held face-to-face at the venue which is confirmed at least a month in advance and is usually in St Ives. This meeting starts at 7:00 with informal networking. The meeting closes at 9:15 but members are welcome to continue networking after the meeting. The 2nd and 4th weekly meetings are held on Thursdays on Zoom from 7:15 to 8:30. And on the 3rd Thursday of each month we meet in the evening between 6 pm and 7 pm at a venue in St Ives to be advised.

Attendance at each meeting is expected.


Each member should endeavour to promote the group to at least 2 new people per week, whether it is by cold call, a chance meeting, or client/supplier interaction.

Each member should endeavour to interact with at least one other member outside of the regular meetings per week either by phone, meeting, or video call. This is known as a 1-to-1 in the club.

Each member should endeavour to bring a lead every week.

Each member should endeavour to attend at least 85% of meetings, averaged over a rolling 8-week period. Sending a colleague or guest in your place constitutes attendance.

Each member should endeavour to bring at least one guest (eligible to join) at least every 8 weeks, averaged over a rolling 12 weeks.

Incentives: If you invite a member who subsequently joins the group, you will receive £100 (pro-rata for a reduced joining fee where applicable), this will be paid as a discount on your next renewal fee

Refunds: No refunds will be given once a membership application has been accepted.

As with most things in life the more you put in the more you will get out. For this club to thrive every member needs to be prepared to put a little bit of effort into making it successful.