News in Lockdown from our Members

Mike Yates of 121 Business reminded members of the Rock, Pebbles, Sand story in these unprecedented times. Take care of the Rocks first – the things that really matter and are critical to your long-term wellbeing and happiness – health, family, partner. Put the rocks in the jar first, the small issues can still fall into place – the Pebbles (jobs, house, hobbies, friends) and the Sand (chores, watching TV, browsing social media). If you fill the jar with pebbles and sand, then there is no room for the rocks!

The Complete Mortgage Company reported a busy market with really good rates, but processing times have slowed down. Now is the time for preparation to get your foot on the ladder whether you want to invest in property or you are a first time buyers. The company can discuss all that is involved and what you need to do.

Riverport Residential Cleaning is not going into occupied homes, but can work in empty properties or end of tenancies.

Liz Greenhalgh Photography has won another Weddison Award for a magical woodland photo shoot. Their studio has shut for people to attend but product and commercial photography is still available.  Liz’s photos of a wedding at the weekend which ended in a MacDonald’s Restaurant has had huge interest on social media.

Social media expert Simon Clark said that it is now more important than ever for businesses to develop relationships with their customers on social media, getting to know them better.

Alex Buckle Travel Counsellors is able to give an ultimate flexible guarantee package on select holidays to Dubai, Maldives and Mauritius, up until 15 days before the date of travel.

Purser & Luxford is still open for repairs, servicing and MOTs but the showroom is closed. However, car sales are possible online.

Voxxlife – If you are going out on your lockdown walks and need some support to help with balance, stamina or pain, then consider the Voxxlife neuropathic socks or insoles.

Presentation by HK Design

The focus of Howard King’s talk was describing what you get for your money when you use the services of a designer.

Howard works for small to medium sized businesses as well as large blue chip companies such as Mars and Coca Cola. He gave a guide to the kind of prices charged by HK for design.

Logo development – including researching concepts and development £500

Magazine design 28 page £1500 (initial) and £900 (subsequent)

Illustrations£400 – £3600

Advert full page – £120

Tips for using a designer

  • be clear with your brief
  • allow the designer to do the design
  • avoid adding things particularly late on
  • bigger is not always better

News round up: compiled by Collette Parker 20 20 Communications